Prices and Comparisons …

Advertising is self-managed and can be freely modified at any time by the User.

As a new venture, fees in the first year are offered at a great discount and they compare well with other advertising rates charged in local papers.

There are currently two rates available:

Annual: With an unlimited number of character plus up to 8 photos, this is the best value option at £52 for 12 months – the equivalent of £1 per week.

Monthly: Currently costing £8 for a single month, with a limit of 3000 characters and 2 images.

There is no VAT.



The website has an average of 12,500 visits per month, of which over 48% are UK visitors with a hardcore of local users returning. Repeated visits are increasing on a month by month basis. A search for “Fenstanton” in any major search engine such as Google, Bing, etc. displays the official website as the top No 1 listing.




One of the major benefits of web-based advertising is that it remains visible 24 hours a day, whereas a local newspaper or magazine is discarded within a day or even a few hours. Local newspaper advertising is often extremely expensive and offers an incredibly poor Return-on-Investment.


Advertisements can be modified or updated at any time. This means any special advertising campaign that you wish to adjust or adapt is completely under your control.


Advertising in the Hunts Post currently* costs “From just £4.33 per line per week” with a “special rate” for Traders “…from only £868 plus VAT”

[ * As at March 2014 ]